Promotion Requirements

Promotion Requirements:

Grades 8 and 9

To Pass

Must consider all 8 learning areas. (Languages count as one)

  • 50% in English
  • 40% in Maths
  • 40% in other language
  • 40% in 3 other learning areas
  • In other words you can get below 40% in two learning areas.

Condone Zone

  • Can only be condoned on one account
  • 30% for Maths (in other words, below 30% for maths and you fail)
  • 30% in one of the languages
  • 30% in one of the other learning areas

Grades 10, 11, 12

To Pass

In other words, at Uplands, to pass, everyone MUST

  • get above 40% in ENGLISH
  • get two other subjects above 40%
  • get three other subjects above 30%

This includes LO.

All subjects count, even those not on the “designated list”

A pupil can get 1% for 1 subject and still pass, as long as their portfolio is complete

Certificate Access

Above plus 30% in 1st additional language if studying at a non-English university

Diploma Access

Above 40 in 4 subjects

Degree Access

To get an EXEMPTION, in addition to the above

  • a pupil must get above 50% in four subjects on the designated list. CAT and LO are not on the designated list.
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