Academic Support Programme

Uplands College is committed to assisting pupils in fulfilling their full academic potential. Generally speaking, class time is all that is required to achieve this goal, but from time to time additional assistance is required. Subject Teachers, Tutors, Grade Heads and Heads of Houses routinely check the progress of the pupils under their care. Should it become apparent that pupils are performing below their ability, early and appropriate intervention is called for.

One of three scenarios is generally evident:

Scenario 1: Pupil missing the point
A pupil may miss the point of a lesson and require a brief intervention in order to sort out the problem. In such instances the pupil should approach the teacher concerned and an appointment made to remediate the situation. This may involve the attendance at an “extra lesson” in the afternoon on a once-off basis and pupils have to excuse themselves from their afternoon programme.

Scenario 2: Teacher thinks pupils have “missed the bus”
One or more pupils may have done very poorly in an assignment or test and the teacher feels an extra lesson would help. In this instance the teacher may insist that the pupils attend an extra lesson. As with the first scenario, this type of extra lesson occurs on an ad hoc basis.

Scenario 3: Ongoing or remedial assistance
There are a limited number of pupils who require assistance or remedial attention on a long-term basis. This seems to be particularly evident in Maths, Science, Afrikaans, English and French. These extra lessons are chosen as a permanent afternoon activity and attendance is compulsory.

It is also possible that a pupil is under-performing for reasons not directly related to what happens in the classroom. Should a pupil be having problems with academic work as a result of, for example, bad study habits, personal or family problems or some form of learning disability, Life Orientation teachers and the School Counsellor are available to assist or provide support on an individual basis.
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