Uplands College has a Christian ethos and is run under the auspices of the Anglican Church. We are, however, very inclusive in our attitude towards other religions and pupils are encouraged to reinforce the spiritual aspect of their lives.

The College employs a full-time Chaplain, shared with Uplands Prep, who oversees the spiritual dimension of College life.     

The College seeks to nurture an inclusive Christian-based education and offers the following opportunities for spiritual growth:
  • Divinity classes as part of the academic curriculum from Grades 8 to 12
  • Opportunities for worship marked by a weekly Chapel service, which normally includes the celebration of Holy Communion, occasionally interspersed with outside speakers who expose the College Community to various Christian faith perspectives
  • Voluntary opportunities for Christian involvement, such as our weekly Christian Fellowship for pupils during the Wednesday break period
  • Bible study and preparation classes for Admission to Communion and Confirmation
  • An annual Christian Camp attended by up to a third of the College body, run by staff and young volunteers from local Christian communities.

Uplands College markets itself as a boarding school of choice throughout South Africa.

We focus on building a Home-In-A-House, in which all are given the recognition, space, care, structure and resources to identify and fully develop their own talents and interests.

It is our purpose that those who ultimately leave Uplands do so in a position of knowledge and skill, aptitude, confidence, happiness and well-being; that when they leave they would have enjoyed their time at Uplands College and, in so doing, will have become the new interested and interesting.


Our four school Houses at the College are comprised of a mix of boys and girls, and of boarders and day scholars. Having grown and developed with
age, the House system is now well established.

A variety of Inter-House events provide an opportunity to learn and develop personal strength, leadership, healthy competition, teamwork and fun.

As a function of the House, each learner is part of a tutor group of approximately 14 other students from their House. Comprising a cross section of the
College, these small, vertically structured teams allow an opportunity for all to learn from another, for friendships to develop, and for close support to
be achieved. A staff tutor, through daily group meetings, gets to know each of his or her tutees and, in so doing, becomes a valuable guide toward
achieving success, identifying and correcting problems and informing choice.


Latest house newsletters below:
WATCH: Boarding at Uplands

School is not just about teaching fractions, grammar and the impacts of soil erosion. As parents and teachers we need to ensure we are also teaching a love for resilience and grit, a drive for ingenuity and passion, and a discovery of ideas and self-discipline. We need to grow community children who are able to interact with others; those who can listen, who can lead and who can follow as the situation demands.

We believe there exists in boarding the structure and environment to fully develop this very sense of character.
In focussing on creating a Home-In-A-House and in searching for the Positive First, we believe our six boarding establishments continue to provide the level of care, support and challenge to develop happy, resourced and assured Uplanders.

Underpinning our boarding success is an excellent team of staff that remain motivated and skilled to seek the best in your child.

The Houses are well appointed and spacious (each have a communal lounge, kitchen area and wi-fi access, for example), are all set within our large and attractive campus, and provide comfortable accommodation in two-person rooms. Each House has a slightly different identity that offers the correct amount of difference to create the conditions for healthy competition and stretch.

Prep boarding consists of Selby Taylor House for boys and Webster House for girls. Both these houses only have ten beds in them. This is an intentional strategy so that we can give the necessary care required to our Preparatory School pupils. Preparatory School boarding is a combined entity with the College boarding as catering and laundry services are shared.

Across the Prep and high school, Uplands is able to cater for 290 boarders. This makes us the largest co-ed boarding school in South Africa. This is an achievement we are proud of and reflects our intentional growth based on sound and progressive principles. And it is an achievement that reflects our taking on of responsibility; to create a dynamic boarding achievement where the safety and happiness of our students is our first concern. Uplands boarding, above all, is not a sausage factory, but is a provision of care established to unlock and guide the interests of each pupil.

We welcome your family into our homes and look forward to helping your son or daughter to grow, to learn from them ourselves, and to build effective relationships with you, the parent community.
We extend a warm invitation to visit our Houses, to speak to our staff, and to the boarders themselves. 

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Leavers Dinner Staff Video

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At Uplands we aim to support each of our learners. Beyond consolidation lessons, an extra coaching session or review with the music coach, and the attention of an on-hand tutor, we provide full individual counseling.

At a time when societal pressures are all too apparent and accessible, when, through social media, young minds are routinely exposed to adult worlds and at a time when each is undergoing the stress of developmental change, many will feel the pressures and confusion of their life stage.

To be there for all at their times of need, our College counsellor provides the necessary support, listening ear and impartial advice to help inform personal choice and action.

A medical sister completes our provision of personal health care. Whilst we always promote the benefit of care-by-family when ill, our support systems ensue all are wholly cared for, all of the time.

College is a house made up of approximately 80 girls (boarders) and 45 boys (day scholars). As the oldest of the four houses, the green of College House reflects our legacy from the Prep, where green has traditionally been the dominant colour.

We believe that all our College students, not just the boarders, are what makes College House a vibrant and awesome house to belong to. We encourage and expect all of our students to participate in our full, multi-activity daily programme until 4:30 pm.

Our Mascot, the Rhino, is a symbol of confidence, assurance, steadiness, and sure-footedness. Simply put, the rhino is a creature of substance, stamina, solidity, and explosive power - perfect qualities for our College Students to embrace during their time at the College.

What makes College House very special is its cheerful, collegial nature.  Participation in all aspects of College life, is noticeable and we are never shy of competitors in any of our House challenges. College House has a flair for spirit and is often awarded the spirit trophy for Inter-House events. The large boarding contingent ensures that war paint is applied, voices are tuned and that the house does not go unheard supporting their teams and their College. We are equally competitive in the field and on the stage.

The excitable, infectious, positive, friendly nature of our members prevails in all aspects of school life. 

We love our house! Go College.

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Bishop Boarding House houses 72 girls from gr 8 to gr 12.  The house has a friendly and contemporary atmosphere where girls can relax and have fun with their Bishop sisters.  The girls are supported by 5 dedicated house-moms who takes care of all their needs. 

Bishop is truly a home away from home. It is a place where girls can be themselves and learn how to become the best version of themselves. The girls have an unbreakable  sisterhood bond with each other. Most Bishop girls form lifetime friendships during their boarding years. 

This Bishop Boarding Vision: 
A Bishop girl will be confident and kind. She will have a positive attitude and stay motivated.  

She will have a strong and healthy body, a courageous spirit and a compassionate heart.

Bishop girls will become well rounded successful women.

The Bishop House-mom mission: Above all, to love unconditionally; to be kind and compassionate; to give guidance and set boundaries where needed; to encourage real relationships; to unlock positivity; and to inspire you to be the best possible you. 

Our signature colour is deep red. Bishop identifies with the colour red because it stands for love and passion, is bold and confident.

Our Mascot is the Wild dog. The Wild dog logo appears on all our flags and we guard our stuffed toy Wild dog mascot like our lives depend on it.

Fast Wild dog facts:

No two wild dogs are marked exactly the same, making it easy to identify different individuals. Why such a pattern should develop, and how it serves the hunting dog, has long intrigued scientists.

Wild dogs are usually on the move over a very large range, covering for example, some 900 square miles in the Serengeti. After a litter is born, however, they will limit their travelling and hunting to areas closer to the den.

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Welcome! Founders Boarding is the oldest Boarding House at Uplands College and has the most incredible traditions and history. There are a total of 60 boys living under one roof and 5 Founders Staff members that are attached to the house. Founders is a dynamic and powerful family of brothers, and we take great pride in being a part of the winning team. We have many fun traditions, which help define our identity as a house.

Founders House is a place of learning and growth. A place with a culture of continued excellence, where mediocrity is not tolerated. Founders is seen as a home away from home with pristine facilities that are kept that way because the boys are truly proud of them. All this requires is a strong leadership group that leads not according to trends but rather, according to their values. With appropriate guidance, the boys all have the ability to take Founders from being a good house, to being a great house and to take Founders House to its rightful place as the heartbeat of Uplands College.

At Founders we focus on developing and nurturing our young men into gentlemen who live with morals, manners and above all integrity. 

The Founders brotherhood is important to all who live in Founders.

Brotherhood: An identity found on:

A state of love.

The vision to see all others.

The maturity to be parent, teacher and student.

A belief to freely give trust, responsibility, respect, and space.

The courage to step-in when the risk is too large.

The resilience to build value.

We look forward to welcoming you to Founders! 

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With the inauguration of the new school house we welcome to a new chapter in Uplands lives, Goss House.  We are the ‘new kid on the block’.  How exciting it is to be part of something new and full of promise and opportunity. 

For the boarders each house parent is given a grade to manage, mentor and support.  Likewise our tutors will do the same with every Goss child.  As the grade moves up so should the ‘parent’ move with them.  Imagine how well we will understand and know your children by Matric?  

I anticpate great energy and success as this fledgling house strengthens.  It is a refreshing opportunity for all students, parents and teachers in Goss House to colour a blank mural with vibrancy, integrity, honour, respect and massive participation. 

Following the success of our house, by winning the first Inter-House event – athletics - in January, the students are especially excited about making the best of this year.  We shall not rest on your laurels.  We shall continue to nip at the heels of the other houses.  We are the Kings of the Jungle! 

- Head of Goss House -  Sharon van Reenen

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