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School is not just about teaching fractions, grammar and the impacts of soil erosion. As parents and teachers we need to ensure we are also teaching a love for resilience and grit, a drive for ingenuity and passion, and a discovery of ideas and self-discipline. We need to grow community children who are able to interact with others; those who can listen, who can lead and who can follow as the situation demands.

We believe there exists in boarding the structure and environment to fully develop this very sense of character.
In focussing on creating a Home-In-A-House and in searching for the Positive First, we believe our six boarding establishments continue to provide the level of care, support and challenge to develop happy, resourced and assured Uplanders.

Underpinning our boarding success is an excellent team of staff that remain motivated and skilled to seek the best in your child.

The Houses are well appointed and spacious (each have a communal lounge, kitchen area and wi-fi access, for example), are all set within our large and attractive campus, and provide comfortable accommodation in two-person rooms. Each House has a slightly different identity that offers the correct amount of difference to create the conditions for healthy competition and stretch.

Prep boarding consists of Selby Taylor House for boys and Webster House for girls. Both these houses only have ten beds in them. This is an intentional strategy so that we can give the necessary care required to our Preparatory School pupils. Preparatory School boarding is a combined entity with the College boarding as catering and laundry services are shared.

Across the Prep and high school, Uplands is able to cater for 290 boarders. This makes us the largest co-ed boarding school in South Africa. This is an achievement we are proud of and reflects our intentional growth based on sound and progressive principles. And it is an achievement that reflects our taking on of responsibility; to create a dynamic boarding achievement where the safety and happiness of our students is our first concern. Uplands boarding, above all, is not a sausage factory, but is a provision of care established to unlock and guide the interests of each pupil.

We welcome your family into our homes and look forward to helping your son or daughter to grow, to learn from them ourselves, and to build effective relationships with you, the parent community.
We extend a warm invitation to visit our Houses, to speak to our staff, and to the boarders themselves. 

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Leavers Dinner Staff Video

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