Athletics is a growing sport at Uplands. It's an individual sport that helps develop discipline, dedication and determination. It takes place in the 1st and 4th term. The highlight of the season is most definitely the Inter-house event, always closely contested. Our aim is to give the small group of learners interested in athletics the ability to compete competitive. Uplands participates in a local league as well as other schools. We will be going the extra mile to ensure that we give our athletes the best opportunities to ensure they can complete at a top level.

Our athletes strives towards excellency, therefore our first priority is to develop, grow and shape our selected group of athletes.

"Our athletes never lose, they only learn from their previous race."

Boys' Hockey
Boys' hockey has grown tremendously since the inception of the College. We have now generated a national reputation and have won the Mpumalanga U19 Trophy for the past three years. We have an extensive fixture programme and routinely play those teams in the Top 10 of the country. A variety of tours are undertaken each season to ensure our players are exposed to top line hockey and the learning inherent in both team sport and away trips. To our player base, our coaching staff has grown both in numbers and experience. In all, the club is in a strong position, ready to engage new success.

Girls' Hockey
Girl’s hockey at Uplands has enjoyed wonderful success in the last few years. We now field 8 sides, with an A- and B-side in each age group.

Hockey is played in Term 1 and Term 2. Some teams that qualify to take part in the North Vaal tournament can even continue playing well into the 3rd term.
The College is involved in local league and traditional fixtures against other independent schools. We also have students annually representing Uplands on
a provincial level. Most of the teams go on tours to develop our players as individuals and improve their skill level.

Many of our girls play both Netball and Hockey. We encourage participation and exposure to other sports as well, making the 3rd term extremely busy for sportswoman.

Our top class coaching/conditioning staff and facilities make sure our students get the best whether they are training on the Astro or in the gym.

Uplands college established a proud rugby tradition since our inception. A strong rugby culture breeds the correct ethos which enables our players to build and maintain sound relationships both on and off the field.

Rugby is a wonderful tool to teach young adolescent boys the value of camaraderie, to treat your fellow players and opponents with respect they deserve, to win with grace and to lose with dignity.

Uplands is renown for their tenacious approach to the game of rugby. Uplands adopted an imbedded commitment to play scintillating rugby in the true spirit of festival rugby.

We have produced a number of provincial players over the past few years which is indicative of the passion and dedication of the players and the coaching staff. Players represented the Pumas at U16, U18 and U19 level. On top of that, we produced players to represent the Pumas at Craven week.

The College runs a side per age group and we play in the local league for Medium Schools. Traditional fixtures and festivals supplement the number of mathces we play every year. As part of our strategic intent, our high profile teams play in various festivals as part of our preparation for the season:
  • The U14A XV plays in the Parktown Boys High Festival.
  • The U15A XV participate in the annual U15 Independent Schools Rugby Festival (ISRF).
  • The 1st XV plays in the bi-annual ISRF.
  • The 1st team forms one of the cornerstones of the Independent Co-Ed Schools Sports Festival which takes place on an annual basis.
We instill enjoyment in our rugby. We use this wonderful sport as a mechanism to enhance the self-esteem and the confidence of the players entrusted in our care.

Uplands has established themselves as the top swimming school in the province with resounding success at both the annual Top School’s and Inter High Galas. Many of our swimmers have represented Mpumalanga at various Interprovincial galas. Swimmers are also afforded the opportunity to represent their club at National Levels.

We aim to provide a number of opportunities to compete at galas with top swimming schools in neighbouring provinces. Uplands UniSwim Club is based at the College, which offers additional specialised training throughout the year. Swimming is definitely alive and kicking and we are certainly enjoying our status at the top of the swimming food chain in Mpumalanga.

Golf is currently not offered as a weekly sport with practices or coaching; it involves only two events during the year: The Mpumalanga Schools’ League – this comprises four matches at different venues during the winter; The National Schools’ Championship, held by Dainfern College in March every year; A team of four players represent the school in the above events.



Uplands has two brand new squash courts on campus and Squash is offered throughout the year. It is extremely beneficial in terms of improving hand eye coordination. The short term goal is to create an interest and enthusiasm for the sport, with the desire to become a competitive squash school in the future.   

Sport at Uplands
uture at Uplands

At Uplands College we strive to maintain the right approach and attitude towards Co-Curricular activities. Our mission is to allow every pupil to excel in his or
her area of choice, while also introducing pupils to new activities in the sporting, cultural and service arenas. We run an integrated day, where all pupils are expected to participate in either a sport, culture or service activity four afternoons a week. We believed an active, involved pupil is a happy pupil.

Sport must be played for enjoyment. It must be played to win, but not at all costs. Sport must be played to create and establish friendships and to develop character. Sport is an important vehicle to inculcate the many values we talk about in everyday life. Uplands College has achieved some outstanding results in our short history with provincial representation in Cricket, Hockey, Netball, Horse Riding, Mountain Biking, Swimming, Squash and Rugby. Uplands participates in a local league as well as playing against visiting private schools.

Our pupils are also encouraged to get involved in cultural activities, where they are afforded several opportunities to perform in front of an audience throughout the year. Our cultural talent is nurtured throughout the year, with the Founders evening being one of our cultural highlights where the best performers are on display.

Uplands College is committed to Community Service. There are several programmes running throughout the year where pupils can get involved and give back to our local communities.

Cricket has found a new lease of life at Uplands College and has become one of the school’s flagship sports. The 2012/2013 season saw the school soar to new heights and take over the mantle of the top cricketing school in Mpumalanga.

In 2012 Ozayr Karodia, Clem Murray and Brandon Brodell were awarded with Provincial colours in the Mpumalanga u/15 side. Dean Carlisle made the u/17 Rural side and Matthew Nepgen the u/17A side. Matthew also went on to make the final S.A. u/17 squad. This is a huge milestone in the history of Uplands College as this is the first time that a pupil has achieved this considerable feat.

In January 2013 the 1st XI embarked on a tough, but extremely worthwhile trip to Hilton College for the annual Midlands Cricket Festival. This is the first occasion that Uplands has competed against the top cricketing schools in the country. The boys came away with their pride firmly intact, earning a creditable draw against the hosts, losing narrowly to a strong Michaelhouse side and were in a good position against Kearsney in the final match when the heavens opened. We will certainly look to continue to participate in festivals of this ilk in future.
2013 also sees another historic cricketing milestone for the College in the form of the school’s first ever overseas cricket tour. The tour is to the United Kingdom and is scheduled from 26 June to 16 July. It will see the 1st XI play a number of top schools and clubs in the UK and will culminate with the prestigious Tonbridge Cricket Festival. As well as the nine fixtures, the boys will watch an Ashes warm-up match between Somerset and Australia at Taunton and enjoy a tour at the famous Marylebone Cricket Club, more commonly known as Lords.

Our aim is to grow Netball at the College and to this end coaches periodically attend coaching clinics. We compete against both local and national schools. Our 1st team takes part in the annual St Andrew’s Netball festival where they are exposed to a high level of competition. Netball is a core sport that takes place during the first and second terms. In the off season, in order to maintain skill and fitness, selected senior players are enrolled in a high performance programme run by our resident biokineticist. These players are also given the option to play indoor netball on a social level, whilst still representing our school. 

Uplands College Cricket played host to Maragon School from Johannesburg in a two-match series last weekend. The Jo’burg outfit, complete with a Gauteng provincial player, were not to be taken lightly despite Uplands being on a high following a successful tour to Hilton College in the December holidays. The series consisted of a declaration match on Saturday and a T20 on Sunday, giving the players the chance to display their skills in different formats of the game. First XI Results: Saturday 26 JanUplands won the toss and batted first and, in spite of a gutsy innings from opener Matthew Mullin,…

KZN Midlands Cricket Tour

KZN Midlands Cricket Tour ReportThe Uplands College First XI Cricket Team was fortunate to be invited to the Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands Cricket Festival. This prestigious event is held annually in the week before the school year begins and is attended by some of the country’s top cricketing schools. This year, the festival was hosted by Hilton College which proved to be an appropriate setting for the high-quality cricket on display. Our tour schedule comprised a pre-festival two day match against the hosts, as well as matches against Michaelhouse, Kearsney College and Maritzburg College. This was to be no mean feat!The…
Brendan Fowler

Sports Co-Ordinator
Keagan du Preez has won the award for Junior Goalkeeper of Year 2012 voted by all the Mpumalanga clubs and executive. He is a member of White River Hockey Club and we are extremely proud of him. He is a talented hockey player with great determination and dedication. We look forward to watching him reach his full potential as he will continue to improve and grow in the years to come. Well done Keagan.

Mpu - SA Nationals

NO HORSE - ING AROUND WITH THESE GIRLS ! Natasha Emmerick was the only rider from MP selected in all four of her disciplines, Jumping, Equitation, Showing and Dressage. She competed at the SA National Championships recently. The MP Team for Dressage, Equitation, and Showing came 5th in all the events, with the 1m Jumping Team ending 4th. Natasha was placed 8th place in the 1m Working Hunter individ-ual, and came 5th in the Showing Team event. She also had 2 clear rounds in the 1m Jumping and earned a 20th place in the final Championship class. Her 1m class…

Uplands Derby vs Maragon

Maragon College visited Uplands College over the weekend of the 19th and 20th of April 2013.The results of this Derby fixture are as follows: Rugby1st Team : Lost 10 - 20U15A : Won 12 - 5U14A : Drew 5 - 5Netball1st Team : Leading 12 - 2 before bad light stopped play2nd Team : Won 27 - 23rd Team : Won 8 - 4U15A : Lost 4 - 6U15B : Won 8 - 7U14A : Lost 7 - 10U14B : Won 5 - 4U14C : Lost 5 - 7Boys Hockey Girls Hockey 1st Team : Won 4 - 1 Leading…
Results vs. Sybrandt van Niekerk. Rugby 1st Team Won 65 - 0 2nd Team Won 58 - 5 U16A Won 15 - 10 U15A Won 10 - 8 U14A Lost 10 - 34 Boys Hockey 1st Team Won 10 - 0 U16B vs. U16A Won 3 - 2 Girls Hockey 1st Team Won 10 - 0 2nd Team Won 6 - 0 U14A Won 2 - 0 U14B Won 8 - 0 Girls Netball 1st Team Won 15 - 7 2nd Team won 29 - 6 U16 A lost 17 - 14 U16 B Lost 10 - 7 U15 A…
U18 Boys Hockey Following the exeat, the boys 1st XI Hockey team ventured to St Alban's for the annual independent schools festival. Truth be told, we have been the whipping boys of past teams. However, on the back of a willingness to listen and train a new structure, the team has proven Phoenix like; it has begun to match its heart and effort with shape and width. We finished unbeaten with three wins and three draws, having scored 12 and only conceded 3; and this against such notable teams as St Benedict's, St Andrews and St David's. Truly a great…
Rugby teams are through to play-offsUplands College's rugby sides made history this past weekend, with three of five teams being crowned provincial champions. The schools first, second and u/15 teams all managed to trump Barberton High School in the final of the Mpumalanga medium schools league. In doing so, the first and u/15 teams secured a home quarter-final in the Beeld Trophy on August 3. First team captain, Luke Ryle, will receive his 50th cap in the quarter-final, after making his debut in grade 10. Photo: Uplands College's first rugby team are led by captain Luke Ryle, lying in front.Sitting:…
Uplands College's first cricket team will soon jet off to the Uk. The team will tour south-west England, where they will visit Bath, Exeter, Tauton, Truro, The Isle of Wight, Tonbridge and London. Their opposition will consist of various teams from English private schools including Monkton Combe, Kings College Taunton, Truro School, Exeter School, Millfield School, Tonbridge School and Kent Street School. They will also play against cricket clubs like Devon County Heathcote Cricket Club and Ventor Cricket Club. The tour won't only consist of business, fun will be included in the form of sightseeing activities, such as tours of…
Waldi Kuhn participated in the MTN half marathon race at Rooiberg this weekend. The photo shows Waldi sprinting for the line, where he managed to finish in 3rd position. Waldi is currently lying 4th overall nationally in the 1/2 marathon series .

Derby vs Bergvlam

Uplands recently hosted Bergvlam for a sports Derby fixture, where we competed on the Rugby fields, Hockey fields for both boys and girls, Netball and Tennis courts. It was a fantastic day for all the pupils who participated. Some great results were achieved from both schools.Most importantly, was the spirit in which the games were played!Well done boys and girls.Rugby 1st Team Won 20- 5 2nd Team Won 38 - 3 U15A Lost 5 - 21 U14A Lost 22 - 31 Boys Hockey 1st Team Won 6 - 0 U16B Won 2 - 1 vs Bergvlam U16A Girls Hockey 1st…
The weather was perfect and the competition was fantastic. The beauty of this derby is that both schools still embrace the sound principles of true sportsmanship – to play hard, but fairly, to be competitive without losing one’s integrity. The camaraderie is eminent and we believe that Uplands is a better school because of Penryn and vice versa. All first team games were extremely exciting ending with the final match of the derby between the two 1st rugby teams. The physical battle between the two teams had everyone on the edge of their seats, with Uplands securing a 15-10 victory.…
At the second round of the Mpumalanga U18 Play-offs, the Uplands boys 1st XI faced the charge of both Penryn and Ermelo. In a re-play of our Founders weekend, and in a fixture that is always charged with the energy of securing local bragging rights, we managed to win 4 – 1. Our second match saw us up against the regional winners of the Ermelo district. Here again we ran out 4 – 1 winners. The two wins, and those secured the previous week in the first round of the play-offs, secured our position at the top of our pool.…
The senior hockey girls went to Beijing, from 28 March to 6 April 2013 to attend a China Stars Hockey tournament. The tournament had an international flavor with the addition of a New Zealand team with whom we bonded. The Chinese girls gave us stiff competition, however, our results and team play improved extraordinarily from game to game. Highlights of the tour were our 0-0 match result against the tournament winners and climbing 7 turrets of the Great Wall of China. Noteworthy was our girls’ cheerfulness, politeness and zest for life. As coach my highlights are not of the hockey…

St Andrews Rugby festival

Uplands Rugby Tour to Bloemfontein Uplands College rugby tour to Bloemfontein took place during the July holidays, where the 1st team participated in the 150th Birthday celebrations of St Andrew’s School. It was very cold in Bloemfontein and the players tried everything to stay warm (staying indoors and under the covers). We played 3 games against some far larger and older opposition. The Uplands boys took on the challenge and we are proud of the fantastic results that were achieved.The results are as follows: Lost St John’s from Johannesburg 12-17 Won St David’s Marist from Johannesburg 46-17 Won St Benedict’s…
On Saturday the 1st XI boys Hockey team took to the field for the Mpumalanga Finals. Having had a hectic sporting week, with two rugby matches and a cricket fixture, plus the training for all three sports, the guys had been put through the physical mill and were dreaming of a five-minute recess. Thankfully, they chose to hold this until after the hockey. In the semi finals we played against Middleburg, and after a somewhat reticent start we began to fire up the after burners to finish up the 2– 0 victors. We met Nelspruit Hoerskool in the final, a…
On 26 June the Uplands 1st XI Cricket Squad jetted off to the United Kingdom on an historic tour. These boys were to be the first cricketers to represent the College on foreign shores and they were well aware of the magnitude and prestige this tour entailed. We landed at Heathrow, after an overnight flight via Frankfurt, ready to embark on our life-altering 19-day journey across the south of England. The primary focus of the tour was naturally to play cricket to the best of our ability, however, we were also fortunate to visit some remarkable places along the way…

Golf Results

Round 2-Nelspruit Although the Uplands 1st team struggled in round 2, they were helped by newcomer Cameron Jacobsz who came in with a solid 43 around the Matumi course. There combine score has strengthened their top position over Nelspruit and with two rounds to go, can hopefully capitalize their position at Lydenburg tomorrow and White River next week. Connor Fletcher was the pick of the players in the 2nd division and proved his worth with an exceptional 41. Louise Tombs continued her consistent form. Rob Ferreira Tournament Due to cricket fixtures, a few missing players meant an opportunity for new…

U15 Cricket Tour

This past holiday the u/15 Cricket side went on tour to the picturesque Potchefstroom in the North West Province. The first 3 days were spent doing intensive training, facilitated by the North West Cricket Union, followed by 4 days of hard cricket on challenging surfaces. The boys performed well. It is difficult to single out one or two performances as everybody really developed a lot during the week we spent there, but I can mention Gavin Botha who was our standout bowler and Brandon Brodell excelled with the bat. The Mozzie week was very successful for Uplands College u/15. We…

U19 Noordvaal Hockey

Leaving on Wednesday last week, the College boys 1st XI Hockey team left home for the hotspot of Potch, and the start of the Noordvaal trophy. Having won our own Mpumalanga League, we travelled as our Provincial schools' representative - a great accolade to the work the boys have put in over the past couple of months, and a great responsibility to uphold. In the pool stages we beat Potch Gymnasium 4 - 2, having gone down one-nil early in the game. We then played Driefontein and beat them 6 - 1. Following these two games we finished top of…

Looking for competition, social play, team camaraderie, a good workout, time with family or friends, tournaments and national championships? Tennis has all of that, and more.  Learners are guaranteed to make friends because tennis encourages interaction, communication and just plain fun.

There are few sports that you can play throughout your lifetime despite your race, gender and age that gives you the physical, mental, emotional, and social benefits tennis gives you. This is precisely why Uplands College offers tennis, as we are interested in giving learners the opportunity to maximise everything that the school has to offer while still being competitive.

Uplands currently have 6 dedicated teams that are entered into Ehlanzeni Tennis League every year.   This result in the tennis at the school is reaching new heights sending players overseas and being invited to play in the South African Private Schools Annual Tennis program, Tennis Wilson Cup Open and TUKS Holiday Tennis Camp and at Sun City.  But Uplands does not only focus on making good players great, but also creating new players with their rigorous training program run by professional and junior coaches that runs four times a week. 


Recent Tennis Results

First Team boys beat Penryn College by 50 games to 5 Second Team Boys beat Penryn by 40 games to 15 Third Team Boys beat Curro Nelspruit by 50 games to 5 Third team boys beat Bergvlam second team by 38 games to 17. First Team Girls beat Lydenburg by 40 games to 15 First Team Girls beat PenrynCollege by 37 games to 18. First Team boys lost to Lydenburh by 33 games to 22

Winter Sports Awards

After an unbelievable Winter Sports season where new ground was broken in many aspects, the players and teams were recognised for their contribution to the success in our annual Awards Dinner. With the historic Nelson Mandela Sports and Culture event taking place at the FNB Stadium the following day, it was fitting to honour our great former President with a “Madiba Magic” theme at the dinner. Hanna Ferreira and Elaine Taylor put together wonderful decor which really did add a fantastic touch to the dinner. Boys Hockey The 1st Team Boys Hockey lead the way this season with a remarkable…
Asher Biggs has been taking part in the Cross Country Leagues, for Athletics Mpumalanga. After running in his first league meeting he was selected to run for the Province in Rustenburg, but was un-able to attend. He ran in a further three league meetings and had a 1st and 2nd position. He ran in the Mpumalanga Championships on Saturday the 17 August 2013. "Ash-the-Dash" has been selected to go to South African Championships in Potchefstroom on the 14 September 2013.
AN AMATEUR GRADED AND SANCTIONED RECREATIONAL SHOW JUMPING EVENT RESULTS - SATURDAY 24 AUGUST CLASS EVENT GRADE HEIGHT RESULTS R1 Hoofbeat Tackshop Recreational Clear round class Recreational 40/50cm Clear rounds: Jessica Whittle – Shakira; Zane Potgieter- Kouros; Khutsiso Mampuru - Outback R2 Recreational Welcome Stakes Recreational 60cm 1st = Claudia Hemus on Forest King; 2nd = Zane Potgieter on Nugget R3 Recreational Welcome Stakes Recreational 70cm 1st = Hanelize Kamffer on Bak Bak Bismarck; 2nd = Bianca Jones on Penny Black; 3rd = Skye Comley on Heiseb R4 Recreational Welcome Stakes Recreational 80cm 1st = Heleen Engelbrecht on Calela Fakkel…
On an extremely hot Saturday at Penryn College our Mountain Bikers achieved the following results in the Third race in the Spur Schools Mountain Biking Series: In the Junior Men category: Waldi Kuhn came 1st, Ryan Clarke came 2nd, Gustav van Veyeren came 11th, Robert Fletcher came 12th and Matthew Pansegrouw came 17th Natasha Emmerick came 2nd and in the Junior women category: Tyneale Terry came 3rd. In the Youth male category: Andreas (Dietsie) Kuhn came 1st, Murray James came 3rd, Joshua Birch came 4th, Chris La Grange suffered technical difficulties and came 9th, Jared Adams came 12th, Adam Maguire…

Soccer Results

Soccer had a busy week with a boy’s fixture at Barberton on Wednesday followed by a boys and girls soccer extravaganza at home on Friday. The Friday event saw the Lydenburg bus making its way down the Long Tom Pass for the fixture hosted by Uplands. Boys 1st Team vs. Barberton Drew 0-0 After dominating the game, for most of the match, we failed to capitalize and take our chances. A great game played in a good spirit but we came away feeling a huge sense of disappointment. This was certainly a game that we should have won. Boys U16A…

Cricket Results

Uplands cricket was back on track this weekend with all 3 teams winning their respective league games. The U15’s were particularly dominant and the 1st Team were looking for redemption in Witbank 1st XI Cricket vs HTS Witbank The 1st XI got back to winning ways on Saturday with clinical performance against HTS Witbank. Skipper, Dean Carlisle won the toss and invited the hosts to bat first. This proved a good decision as we bundled Witbank out for 146. Gareth Park was the pick of the bowlers with 3 for 27 in 10 overs and Matt Nepgen showed a welcome…


Eight of our swimmers were chosen to represent Mpumulanga at an Inter-Provincial gala held in Johannesburg on Saturday 24 August. Hannes Hamer, Shannay Allmark, Grant Nisbet, Chad Hawley, Ashleigh Smart, Tamryn Hawley, Asher Biggs and Pierre Naude all took to the pool against some top class opposition. Some highlights of the event include the following: Delano Van Rooyen walked away with a Gold medal in 100m Freestyle as well as Bronze in the 100m Fly event. Chad Hawley took home the Gold medal in 100m Breaststroke and Shannay Allmark received a Bronze medal in 200m Individual Medley. Ashleigh Smart placed…

Golf development

Golf at Uplands has certainly experienced a complete resurrection over the past two years and it seems as though the interest in the game is showing exponential growth. Following the success of the golf team’s this year which culminated in Alex Knoop’s selection as the number one school golfer in the province, development golf is rapidly assisting in identifying the next young crop of golfers. There are no fewer than 12 young girls and a few boys registered for development golf and they have been taught the basics of the game at the Ingwenyama driving range, White River Golf Club…

Tennis achievers

Two of our tennis players, namely Amu Mkasi and Bradley Kirk, have been selected for the Lowveld u/18 Tennis Team while Connor Fletcher has been selected for the Mpumalanga u/16 Team.
First XI Cricket vs Rhodes University The 1st XI enjoyed a welcome break on Wednesday from the monotony of net practices when they went up against a touring side from Rhodes University. The match was played in good spirits and the Uplands boys went about their business in their usually clinical fashion, not distracted by the more laid-back approach of the students. The tourists won the toss and had no hesitation in electing to bat first on a rock-hard surface. The Uplands bowlers were disciplined and were backed up by some sharp fielding to bundle the opposition out for 91.…
The 1st XI boys played their first Super League match at home on Saturday as they looked to extend their good run of form. We welcomed Middelburg Hoërskool and after winning the toss they invited us to make first use of a flat, hard deck. Openers Gareth Park and Keagan Du Preez got us off to a good start, with the latter scoring a superb 45 off 49 balls. The rest of the top order failed to capitalise on the platform laid for them and 3 quick wickets after the drinks break saw us stumble to 152 for 5. Enter…

Soccer vs Penryn

Boys 1st Team vs. Penryn Our final soccer fixture for the First Team was played this past week against Penryn College- a fitting finale against the “old enemy”. The mentors of 2014 invested time and energy in ensuring that the last derby of the season received the support of the entire school. With the stakes being higher than in past years, the boys were slightly nervous but at the same time quietly confident. For the duration of the season we have been undone by silly mistakes and poor finishing. Thankfully this was not the case against Penryn. A slow first…

St Peters Girls Soccer Festival

St Peter’s soccer Festival – Girls 1st Team We left on Friday morning bright and early to be in time for our first match at 13:00. We got there with enough time to find the field and warm-up adequately. The First match was the first of the 5 battles the Uplands girls would face. This was against one of the tournament favourites’ and we gave them a good go. They played hard and at the end of the game left 4 Uplands players injured. We lost this game. Going in to the second game the girls were looking for their…

Mountain Biking news

Mountain Biking Saturday 7 October On an extremely hot Saturday at Penryn College our Mountain Bikers achieved the following results in the Third race in the Spur Schools Mountain Biking Series: In the Junior Men category: Waldi Kuhn came 1st Ryan Clarke came 2nd Gustav van Veyeren came 11th Robert Fletcher came 12th Matthew Pansegrouw came 17th In the Junior women category: Natasha Emmerick came 2nd Tyneale Terry came 3rd In the Youth male category: Andreas (Dietsie) Kuhn came 1st Murray James came 3rd Joshua Birch came 4th Chris La Grange suffered technical difficulties and came 9th Jared Adams came…
The First XI welcomed Middelburg Tech on Saturday in another crunch Super League match. We lost the toss and Middelburg had no hesitation in sending us into bat first on a slightly green pitch under overcast skies. After battling hard through the testing conditions, we managed a respectable 217 for 9 in our allotted 50 overs. Matt Nepgen showed a welcome return to form with a well crafted 85 and Dean Carlisle and Clem Murray chipped in with valuable scores of 27 and 26 respectively. The Uplands bowling attack then went to work and managed to stymie the Middelburg top…

Asher Excels at his ASA event

Asher Biggs was recently selected to run for Mpumalanga, at A.S.A (Athletics South Africa). He did very well in the Cross Country event and bettered his personal best time in the 4km race. Well done Asher!

U14 &15 Cricket News

U15A vs. Middleburg Hoer The dominant and unbeaten U15A’s had the wind knocked out of their sails in rather dubious fashion. Middleburg won the toss and asked us to bat first on a track certainly not fit for a cricket match and in all honesty, the Pine Lake Mashie course’s fairways would have been more feasible for batting. Our hugely accomplished and talented boys battled throughout the innings and were eventually skittled out for 154. MHS went in with a gung ho approach and their village cricket style batting proved decisive as they ran with their luck. Gavin Botha, however,…

Soccer Tournament Results

On the 7th of September Uplands College hosted the inaugural Lowveld 1st Team Challenge Cup- a knock-out competition for all respective teams in the Lowveld region. Six schools were invited, unfortunately only 4 teams could make it: Barberton, Bergvlam and Lowveld High. Uplands First team boys played Lowveld High, and thanks to a structured and well-executed game plan, managed to prevail after a dramatic penalty shout-out. Barberton awaited in the final. On paper we knew we were the better team but, as everyone knows, the game is not played on paper. After dominating the game and creating most of the…
A Day/night mini cricket festival was recently organised by the Uplands Cricket coach, Hendrik Joubert. The aim of this event was to nurture and develop the next generation of cricketers for the future. Senior cricketers from the College each adopted a team, where they assisted, coached and Mentored the next generation of youngsters. It was a fabulous success, with 12 teams participating from Pre-schools and Primary schools based in White River and Nelspruit area. We had almost a hundred little budding cricketers running around in organised chaos for 3 hours. All the teams participated under flood lights, which was a…

Penny Heynes coaching clinic

Uplands College was fortunate enough to host Penny Heyns over the weekend of the 5th and 6th of October, where she delivered a 2 day coaching clinic to approximately 40 swimmers. The clinic comprised of technical sessions in and out of the pool focussing on all four strokes as well as their starts and turns. Swimmers received individual attention from Penny, and all commented that they really gained a lot from the sessions. Penny did, however, offer more than just her technical expertise as swimmers, aged 11 to 18, were engaged and inspired as she spoke of her journey from…
The Uplands College 1st XI made history on Saturday as they claimed the coveted Mpumalanga Super League title for the first time. Sitting top of the log going into Saturday’s match, we needed a win against local rivals, Penryn College to secure the trophy. It could not have been scripted any better than that. The boys obliged in fine style as they comprehensively outplayed the opposition on the day. Penryn won the toss and elected to bat first. A superb display of quick, ruthless bowling by Cameron Jacobsz and Gareth Park ripped through Penryn’s batting line-up to skittle them out…
First row: Kieran McDonald, Anton van Dyk, Dylan Howe-Dreyer Second row: Nicholas Brotherton, Dean van Zyl, Luke Lourens, Beon Pienaar, Michael Fry, Mark Botha, Ndumiso NopoteThird row: Bevan Carlse, Connor Fletcher, Brandon Brodell, Clem Murray, Gareth Park, Ozayr Karodia. Forth row: Kevin Braun, Dean Carlisle, Matthew Nepgen, Yusef Patel

Mountain Biking news

The 3 Towers event is a gruelling 3-day event that happens in the mountains of Mankele during the October break. With over 3000m of climbing, this event is definitely not for the faint hearted! Riders come from all over the country, with a number of professional teams taking part. Uplands did well at 3 Towers - 6 boys in the top 6 teams. Waldi Kuhn & Declan Sidey 3rd , Andreas Kuhn & Ryan Clarke 5th while Joshua Birch & Chris le Grange came 6th. In other mountain biking news, we are very proud of our Uplands team consisting of…
The Uplands 1st XI outclassed local rivals Penryn once again on Wednesday to secure victory in the first round of the Coca-Coca T20 competition. Sent into bat first, the Uplands top order faltered and found themselves in trouble at 57 for 4 in as early as the seventh over. Top knocks by Clem Murray (49 off 43 balls) and Dean Carlisle (41 off 33) steadied the ship and we ended up with a respectable 141 for 7 in our 20 overs. It was then that the carnage started. Four wickets in the first 9 balls saw Penryn reeling at 5…
In a scintillating game of cricket which had more twists and turns than the Sabi Road, Uplands College stole the game away from Penryn with 3 balls remaining and 6 wickets in hand. Penryn scored a respectable 121 all out just shy of their allotted 20 overs. Hilton Thomson was the chief destroyer knocking down 3 batters in one over when Penryn looked like posting a big total. Matthew Rogerson bowled a miserly spell of 1/12 in 4 overs. Connor Hofmeyr picked up two cheap wickets. “Paulie D” and Cameron Barry added their names to the wicket takers. Pierre Naude…
Penryn won the toss, and surprisingly, considering the lengthy batting line up at Uplands disposal, sent us in to bat. They were made to pay heavily for this decision and under a blazing sun and a predominant left and right hand batting combination, ran themselves into the ground chasing leather. Brandon Brodell played the knock of his short career and with his aggressive left hand batting, Penryn had no answers. Brandon raced to a mammoth 157 runs off only 102 balls which included 3 big 6’s and 22 4’s which were belted all around the oval. He eventually succumbed to…

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