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The Performing Arts are thriving in our beautiful environment. There is close interaction between Drama, Dance, Music and  Art at all times in an effort to create broadminded, balanced young individuals.  Apart from offering Drama, Music and Art as academic subjects, the College also offers extra-curricular opportunities to students interested in further developing their talents.

The Visual Arts are represented in the many art exhibitions and displays around the College. Regular trips to art galleries and even a Cultural tour abroad is on offer. Extra classes and clubs form part of our after school activity list and cater for those not wanting to take it “too seriously”.

Drama is very much alive and well on the campus and students regularly perform to a very enthusiastic audience. Our delightful annual inter-house plays with theatrical and comic players are most entertaining.
A more serious, bigger scale production is embarked upon every second year and draws support from all quarters of the school as each pupil adds his or her own particular talent to the success of the play on stage!

Private music lessons including piano, clarinet, saxophone, voice, guitar and violin is given to students. The  Music Departments continues to delight parents and fellow pupils with musical performances throughout the year showcasing an abundance of artistic talent.   

The melodies of musical instruments and voices including our College choir and orchestra are heard when strolling past the Music Department.

A professional Dance instructor teaches Dance not only as part of the Arts and Culture curriculum, but also conducts after school tuition to anybody interested. Ballet is also on offer.

Inter-house quizzes, public speaking competitions and Eisteddfod participation are encouraged by a very active and energetic English Department. Submission of articles to the annual publication of the College Magazine (The Uplander) and the monthly in-house College Newspaper (Up Close & Personal) is encouraged.


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