Uplands Mascot named

The idea for a Mascot came about when the the 2017 Mentors noticed that a rival school always had spirit, energy, enthusiasm and pride... all because of their mascot. Ross, the teddy bear in the front office that was always known as the Uplands Mascot as well as Uplands being referred to as an Army was the inspiration for the design. The Mascot was introduced to the College and a very enthusiastic crowd at Prep. 
The Mascot was well received at his first public event, the Penryn and Uplands Derby. His presence made a huge difference to the team spirit. 
But what is a mascot without a name?
A competition was organized and soon senate had a list of potential names and voted for the top 3. Prep also had the opportunity to vote for their top 3. A total of five names were listed and it was opened for all to vote for a final name.
Thapelo Mmadi originally suggested the winning name. 
The meaning of the name:
an idealist who dreams of living in a harmonious world.
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