Honours Awards 2017


Our annual Honours Evening was a wonderful occasion, where we celebrated the achievements of our pupils and acknowledged the contribution they have made to the success of the College. Uplands College is on the map, mainly due to our three pillars: the pupils, the parents and the staff.
A number of Special Awards were made, of which the worthy recipients were:
                                                                               Special Awards

The Ted Mayhew Trophy for the Entrepreneur of the Year
Awarded to the pupil or group who has been the most financially successful in designated projects and displayed the true spirit of entrepreneurship.
This award was won by a deserving recipient: Kaira Naicker.
Arthur Gaydon-Connock Trophy
Awarded to the pupil who has achieved considerable results in his / her sport and set a good example on the field, who has helped and encouraged fellow team members and been a stalwart (perhaps despite a setback, inherent disability or illness) and been an ambassador for the College.
The worthy recipient was Anja Snyman.

The Marisa Longuinho Award
Awarded in memory of Marisa for the Grade 11 pupil who has exhibited friendship, care and compassion towards pupils of all ages.
The deserving recipient of this award was: Henu Badenhorst.
The Hyson Trophy for Endeavour
Awarded to the pupil who displayed qualities of determination, diligence and perseverance in a range of activities.
Malaika McGinn was the worthy recipient of this award.
The Tecklenburg Award for Good Fellowship
Awarded to the pupil who displayed outstanding interpersonal skills, a concern for fellow pupils and those less fortunate, and the promotion of cooperation within the College community.
The deserving recipient of this award was Tatenda Hove.
The Sportsman & Sportswoman of the Year
Awarded to the pupils who have shown outstanding talent and ability and exemplify the true spirit of sportsmanship in competition. Their commitment, dedication and appearance serve as an example at all times.
The worthy recipients of these awards were: Ryan Terry - Sportsman of the Year and Sportswomen of the Year went to Mariska Bam and Nozipho Mahlangu.
The Best All-round Sportsman & Sportswoman Award
The emphasis of this award is based on participation in two or more of our sports at 1st Team level and exemplifies the spirit of commitment and dedication.
The Best All-round Sportsman was awarded to: Edward Gibbons and the Best All-round Sportswomen of the Year was awarded to: Kyla Hamer.
The Founders Award
For outstanding achievement in all facets of life at Uplands College incorporating the full spectrum of academic, cultural, service and sporting activities.
Chloe Pakendorf was the worthy recipient of this award.

                                                              Academic Awards

Proxime Accessit
Awarded to the Grade12 pupil who achieved the 2nd highest average on the Order of Merit with minimum 70% academic aggregate.
The deserving recipient of this award was: Tamryn Hawley.
Dux Trophy
Awarded to the Grade 12 pupil who achieved the highest average on the Order of Merit with minimum 70% academic aggregate.
The deserving recipient of this award was: Carla de Kock.
Carla has also received a Dux Bursary award from the University of Pretoria.
Academic Honours were awarded to the following Grade 12s who attained an average above 80% throughout the year: Carla De Kock, Tamryn Hawley, Karla Rawlinson, Chloë Pakendorf, Rorisang Phasha.
Academic Colours were awarded to the following Grade 12s who attained an average between 75% and 80%: Esna Vermeulen, Tatenda Hove, Gwendoline Mathebula, Milan Venter, Chloë Hooker, Ranyha Abobakar, Megan Kane-Berman, Nicole Wagner, Kaleba Keitshokile. Tony Ferreira. 
Tie Awards were awarded to the following Grade 12s who attained an average of between
70-75% throughout the year: Princess Chikura, Zakhil Mehta, Celeste De Almeida, Tshiamo Phaala, Larissa Fourie, Tamzyn Emery, Lara van Veyeren, Aidan Viljoen, Emily Maguire, Kirsty Robertson, Malaika McGinn, Liyanda Leta, Matthew Ives, Liam Nunn, Lorenzo Carvalho, Thobeka Ngwenyama,
Anja Snyman.

                                                                Cultural Awards

Karin Reum Trust – Drama
Awarded to the Grade 11 or 12 pupil who has the ability to demonstrate an excellent understanding of their performance and their interpretation and characterisation is always accurate, appropriate and justified.
Martin de Aguiar was the worthy recipient of this award.

Nella Coetzer Best Overall Stage Performer
Awarded to a Grade 11 or 12 pupil for the best overall on-stage performance. This is not limited to Drama but also can include Dance and Music.
Henu Badenhorst was the deserving recipient of this award.

Service Awards
Uplands College Service Award
Awarded to the Grade 11 or 12 pupil who has consistently and selflessly contributed to service in a number of areas over their time at the College.
Esna Vermeulen was the deserving recipient of this award.


                                                                          Sport Awards
In each sporting code trophies are awarded for:

Most Improved Player
Sportsmanship and Endeavour
Player of the Year
Sportsmanship & Endeavour Awards went to:
Athletics Boys             Byron Erskine
Athletics Girls             Rorisang Phasha
Cricket Boys              Cray Archdeacon
Equestrian                  Sune Martins
Hockey Boys              Matthew Rogerson
Hockey Girls              Chloe Pakendorf
MTB                            Abigail Alexander
Netball                        Khumo Renape
Rugby                          Jadon Sussman
Soccer Boys                Sinekhosi Nkumane
Soccer Girls                Buhle Mashabane
Squash                       Dylan Teixeira
Swimming                   Anja Snyman
Tennis                         Bongi Fakudze
Most Improved Awards went to:
Athletics                      Kyla Hamer
Cricket Boys               Edward Gibbons
Equestrian                  Alexis Geddes
Hockey Boys               James Cowling
Hockey Girls               Susan Tarwa
MTB Boys                    Ivan Pretoruis and Nathan Smith
Mtb Girls                     Kiara Wales and Camilla Alexander
Netball                        Vumi Dludlu
Rugby                          Liam Nunn
Soccer Boys                Williamo Chiquele
Soccer Girls                Lebogang Mashigo
Squash                       Dylan Teixeira
Swimming Boys          Nathan Treherne
Swimming Girls          Alice Voigt
Tennis                         EmilynMaguire
Player/Rider/Athlete/Swimmer of the Year   
Awards went to the following pupils:

Athletics Boys           Daniel Hermans
Athletics Girls             Diyana Omar
Cricket Boys               Cameron Howe-Dryer
Equestrian                  Jenna Murray
Hockey Boys               Edward Gibbons
Hockey Girls               Nozipho Mahlangu
MTB Boys                    Leonard Brugman
MTB Girls                    Kirsty Shuttleworth
Netball                        Anja Snyman
Rugby                          Daniel Henning
Soccer Boys                Joseph Mankge
Soccer Girls                Samara Mendez
Squash Boys              Edward Smith
Squash Girls              Jessica Loudon
Swimming Boys          Matthew Ives
Swimming Girls          Kayla Scheffermann
Tennis Boys                Sanele Banda
Tennis Girls                Delsia Urmson
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