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At Uplands College we strive to maintain the right approach and attitude towards Co-Curricular activities. Our mission is to allow every pupil to excel in his or
her area of choice, while also introducing pupils to new activities in the sporting, cultural and service arenas. We run an integrated day, where all pupils are expected to participate in either a sport, culture or service activity four afternoons a week. We believed an active, involved pupil is a happy pupil.

Sport must be played for enjoyment. It must be played to win, but not at all costs. Sport must be played to create and establish friendships and to develop character. Sport is an important vehicle to inculcate the many values we talk about in everyday life. Uplands College has achieved some outstanding results in our short history with provincial representation in Cricket, Hockey, Netball, Horse Riding, Mountain Biking, Swimming, Squash and Rugby. Uplands participates in a local league as well as playing against visiting private schools.

Our pupils are also encouraged to get involved in cultural activities, where they are afforded several opportunities to perform in front of an audience throughout the year. Our cultural talent is nurtured throughout the year, with the Founders evening being one of our cultural highlights where the best performers are on display.

Uplands College is committed to Community Service. There are several programmes running throughout the year where pupils can get involved and give back to our local communities.
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