Athletics is a growing sport at Uplands. It's an individual sport that helps develop discipline, dedication and determination. It takes place in the 1st and 4th term. The highlight of the season is most definitely the Inter-house event, always closely contested. Our aim is to give the small group of learners interested in athletics the ability to compete competitive. Uplands participates in a local league as well as other schools. We will be going the extra mile to ensure that we give our athletes the best opportunities to ensure they can complete at a top level.

Our athletes strives towards excellency, therefore our first priority is to develop, grow and shape our selected group of athletes.

"Our athletes never lose, they only learn from their previous race."

Boys' Hockey
Boys' hockey has grown tremendously since the inception of the College. We have now generated a national reputation and have won the Mpumalanga U19 Trophy for the past three years. We have an extensive fixture programme and routinely play those teams in the Top 10 of the country. A variety of tours are undertaken each season to ensure our players are exposed to top line hockey and the learning inherent in both team sport and away trips. To our player base, our coaching staff has grown both in numbers and experience. In all, the club is in a strong position, ready to engage new success.

Girls' Hockey
Girl’s hockey at Uplands has enjoyed wonderful success in the last few years. We now field 8 sides, with an A- and B-side in each age group.

Hockey is played in Term 1 and Term 2. Some teams that qualify to take part in the North Vaal tournament can even continue playing well into the 3rd term.
The College is involved in local league and traditional fixtures against other independent schools. We also have students annually representing Uplands on
a provincial level. Most of the teams go on tours to develop our players as individuals and improve their skill level.

Many of our girls play both Netball and Hockey. We encourage participation and exposure to other sports as well, making the 3rd term extremely busy for sportswoman.

Our top class coaching/conditioning staff and facilities make sure our students get the best whether they are training on the Astro or in the gym.

Uplands college established a proud rugby tradition since our inception. A strong rugby culture breeds the correct ethos which enables our players to build and maintain sound relationships both on and off the field.

Rugby is a wonderful tool to teach young adolescent boys the value of camaraderie, to treat your fellow players and opponents with respect they deserve, to win with grace and to lose with dignity.

Uplands is renown for their tenacious approach to the game of rugby. Uplands adopted an imbedded commitment to play scintillating rugby in the true spirit of festival rugby.

We have produced a number of provincial players over the past few years which is indicative of the passion and dedication of the players and the coaching staff. Players represented the Pumas at U16, U18 and U19 level. On top of that, we produced players to represent the Pumas at Craven week.

The College runs a side per age group and we play in the local league for Medium Schools. Traditional fixtures and festivals supplement the number of mathces we play every year. As part of our strategic intent, our high profile teams play in various festivals as part of our preparation for the season:
  • The U14A XV plays in the Parktown Boys High Festival.
  • The U15A XV participate in the annual U15 Independent Schools Rugby Festival (ISRF).
  • The 1st XV plays in the bi-annual ISRF.
  • The 1st team forms one of the cornerstones of the Independent Co-Ed Schools Sports Festival which takes place on an annual basis.
We instill enjoyment in our rugby. We use this wonderful sport as a mechanism to enhance the self-esteem and the confidence of the players entrusted in our care.

Uplands has established themselves as the top swimming school in the province with resounding success at both the annual Top School’s and Inter High Galas. Many of our swimmers have represented Mpumalanga at various Interprovincial galas. Swimmers are also afforded the opportunity to represent their club at National Levels.

We aim to provide a number of opportunities to compete at galas with top swimming schools in neighbouring provinces. Uplands UniSwim Club is based at the College, which offers additional specialised training throughout the year. Swimming is definitely alive and kicking and we are certainly enjoying our status at the top of the swimming food chain in Mpumalanga.

Golf is currently not offered as a weekly sport with practices or coaching; it involves only two events during the year: The Mpumalanga Schools’ League – this comprises four matches at different venues during the winter; The National Schools’ Championship, held by Dainfern College in March every year; A team of four players represent the school in the above events.



Uplands has two brand new squash courts on campus and Squash is offered throughout the year. It is extremely beneficial in terms of improving hand eye coordination. The short term goal is to create an interest and enthusiasm for the sport, with the desire to become a competitive squash school in the future.   

Cricket has found a new lease of life at Uplands College and has become one of the school’s flagship sports. The 2012/2013 season saw the school soar to new heights and take over the mantle of the top cricketing school in Mpumalanga.

In 2012 Ozayr Karodia, Clem Murray and Brandon Brodell were awarded with Provincial colours in the Mpumalanga u/15 side. Dean Carlisle made the u/17 Rural side and Matthew Nepgen the u/17A side. Matthew also went on to make the final S.A. u/17 squad. This is a huge milestone in the history of Uplands College as this is the first time that a pupil has achieved this considerable feat.

In January 2013 the 1st XI embarked on a tough, but extremely worthwhile trip to Hilton College for the annual Midlands Cricket Festival. This is the first occasion that Uplands has competed against the top cricketing schools in the country. The boys came away with their pride firmly intact, earning a creditable draw against the hosts, losing narrowly to a strong Michaelhouse side and were in a good position against Kearsney in the final match when the heavens opened. We will certainly look to continue to participate in festivals of this ilk in future.
2013 also sees another historic cricketing milestone for the College in the form of the school’s first ever overseas cricket tour. The tour is to the United Kingdom and is scheduled from 26 June to 16 July. It will see the 1st XI play a number of top schools and clubs in the UK and will culminate with the prestigious Tonbridge Cricket Festival. As well as the nine fixtures, the boys will watch an Ashes warm-up match between Somerset and Australia at Taunton and enjoy a tour at the famous Marylebone Cricket Club, more commonly known as Lords.

Our aim is to grow Netball at the College and to this end coaches periodically attend coaching clinics. We compete against both local and national schools. Our 1st team takes part in the annual St Andrew’s Netball festival where they are exposed to a high level of competition. Netball is a core sport that takes place during the first and second terms. In the off season, in order to maintain skill and fitness, selected senior players are enrolled in a high performance programme run by our resident biokineticist. These players are also given the option to play indoor netball on a social level, whilst still representing our school. 

Looking for competition, social play, team camaraderie, a good workout, time with family or friends, tournaments and national championships? Tennis has all of that, and more.  Learners are guaranteed to make friends because tennis encourages interaction, communication and just plain fun.

There are few sports that you can play throughout your lifetime despite your race, gender and age that gives you the physical, mental, emotional, and social benefits tennis gives you. This is precisely why Uplands College offers tennis, as we are interested in giving learners the opportunity to maximise everything that the school has to offer while still being competitive.

Uplands currently have 6 dedicated teams that are entered into Ehlanzeni Tennis League every year.   This result in the tennis at the school is reaching new heights sending players overseas and being invited to play in the South African Private Schools Annual Tennis program, Tennis Wilson Cup Open and TUKS Holiday Tennis Camp and at Sun City.  But Uplands does not only focus on making good players great, but also creating new players with their rigorous training program run by professional and junior coaches that runs four times a week. 



Uplands College Mountain Bike club runs in all four terms.  Whether students wish to cycle at a competitive level or simply for fun, we cater for all.  Our students compete in the Mpumalanga Spur Series taking part in races all across the province. We also compete in a number of inter-school races with other schools in the Lowveld. When we are not competing we also enjoy fun rides, time trials, hill climbs, circuits, camping trips to mountain bike courses such as Mankele and fund raising events.  Races are always very social events and the mountain bike club is very fortunate to enjoy fantastic support from our parents who often travel long distances to support our riders.

The college is ideally situated for some fantastic mountain biking terrain.  We are very fortunate to be surrounded by some of the best woodland tracks in Mpumalanga, which offer some impressive routes and include many kilometres of single track with some challenging technical rides.  On campus we have a BMX track and a number of single track routes the mountain bikers can practice on.

Students who have not done much mountain biking before join our ‘Development Academy’ and are taught skills which gradually progress from easy routes to those that are more challenging.  Our more competitive riders often have private programs and we try our best to support this wherever possible. 

Some of our more competitive riders have even gone as far as getting sponsorship from local companies and are involved in races which take them to competitions further afield.

If you are interested in joining the club contact Mr Boyle at the following email address – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Uplands Soccer offers local and national exposure to players,  with senior squads playing up to 23 matches in a season. We have expanded our vision and travel to three National festivals competing against the crème of the SA soccer scene. Locally we play friendly matches against our neighbouring schools and host our own festival at the end of August. Our focus is on developing players and giving them the opportunity to compete on a national stage.

Soccer is an inclusive sport and we encourage all level of players to join our sessions


Uplands equestrian facility, situated in the mountainous forests of White river has a wonderful relaxed country feel. The facility boasts 44 stables 19 of which are indoor, lunge ring, show jumping sand arena, dressage and warm up arena.

The main focus of the equestrian facility is for children to have fun in a safe wonderful environment where they can either be chosen to compete on an equestrian team or just enjoy the ponies and friends and have fun. We try to meet each child’s individual needs by offering riding within the various disciplines as well as remedial riding.

We are currently in the process of upgrading the stables and paddocks and building a coffee shop/club house where our riders can relax and enjoy some time out.

The running operation of the equestrian centre is done under the management of Friederike Koep: email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or contact 084 261 1722.

Feel free to pop down and enjoy an afternoon of fun.

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