Uplands seeks to nurture young people to become self-confident, happy and successful in a changing world. They will be creative, critical thinkers who embrace change and develop lasting, healthy relationships. 

Mission Statement
The school employs quality staff who provide a dynamic, caring, values-based education through meaningful interaction.  Parental support and excellent facilities are cornerstones of our success as we grow a world-class, forward- thinking school. 

Uplands College Honour Code
  • To behave responsibly at all times
  • To be considerate and respectful to others
  • To ensure that my appearance is constantly neat and tidy
  • To display good manners and always be courteous
  • To extend the hand of friendship and support to fellow pupils, teachers, parents and those I meet
  • To be diligent in my studies and committed to the mission and well-being of my college
The vision of Uplands College is to be a leading South African Independent Co-Educational School.

One of its goals to help achieve this vision is to maximise its financial strength by maintaining economic viability and utilising assets wisely through prudent financial planning. 

Uplands College charges fees to recover costs associated with providing educational opportunities to pupils and generate sufficient surpluses to fund future developments. Timely payment of these fees is a condition of parents enrolling their children at the College.

Fee increases will occur on a regular (usually annual) basis. Uplands College, however, undertakes that all increases are communicated to families at least 30 days prior to the increase becoming effective. We offer a range of fee options and payment methods to assist families with budgeting and flexibility in meeting fee commitments. 

Additionally, the fees include text books and daily tea and lunch for all pupils.

See our "Fees Booklet" for detailed information on our fees. 

In 1928 Uplands Preparatory School, a co-educational Anglican school, first opened its doors as a small farm school.

From its humble beginnings the school has grown to become one of the most prestigious preparatory schools in South Africa, catering for 468 day
scholars and boarders.

The need for a local high school offering a continuation of the Uplands Preparatory value-based education inspired parents to build Uplands College.

The decision to found the school was made on 31 May 1997. Land was donated by Mondi and R350000 was received from the Anglo American
Chairman’s Fund. The balance of the cost of erecting and establishing Phase 1 of the school was borne by individual parents in their determination
to meet the growing need for quality education within the region.    


Uplands College is located on a picturesque, 110 ha estate just outside White River and continues historically to be a co-educational Anglican school.

Having opened the school in 1998 with 93 pupils, we have grown into an established centre of education with 500 pupils enrolled in 2015.

School Badge

2014 was something of a historic year for Uplands. As a result of the amalgamation process, we have a new joint badge for both the Prep and College.

The move towards one brand, one school crest, colours and fonts were considered during the Brand New process.

After engaging with the Uplands community with the Brand New survey, we had a good foundation to work with. Every forward-thinking brand regularly needs to evaluate its brand positioning. To be successful it had to be freshened not changed, with the essence remaining intact.

The Preparatory is the heart of our school; this is where Uplands all started and gradually grew into the College.

The cross is placed in the centre of the “Y”. The “Y” denotes the ethos of both schools and the central cross the role the Church has played in the development of this ethos. The branching denotes both schools flowing from the central theme

The design denotes the wholeness of the education which the school gives. It also refers to the integrated nature of the Prep and College. The yellow symbolises new hope, which the College represents.

College Hymn
The first College “choir”, consisting of all 93 College pupils, sang the College hymn at the official opening of the College in February 1998!

The following year Uplands Prep School taught the song to their pupils and also adopted it as their official hymn.
Uplands College opened its doors in January 1998 and has established itself as a forward thinking, co-educational institution that is committed to exceptionally high standards and a sound progressive educational philosophy. The College is set on a beautiful 110 ha estate in the vicinity of White River, Mpumalanga.

Uplands College offers a fine, all-round education from Grades 8 to 12, with class sizes restricted to 28 pupils. It boasts impressive boarding facilities. Sport and extramural activities play an important role at the school. Guided by dynamic, highly motivated staff and an innovative technology base, Uplands College provides a range of challenging subjects culminating in an internationally recognised examination conducted by the Independent Examinations Board (IEB). The College is a member of the Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa (ISASA).
Uplands College markets itself as a boarding school of choice throughout Southern Africa.

The boarding homes are unique in that, with the exception of two small dormitories for juniors, only two pupils share a room. All the boarding homes are looked after by a group of caring boarding staff, and are situated within the secure boundary of the College property.
There are four boarding homes on the Uplands College Campus: Founders and Bishop Boys’ Boarding Houses are both boys' boarding homes; College Boarding House is a girls' boarding home; and Bishop Boarding House is a boarding home which accommodates girls in one wing and boys in the other.
Founders Boarding House has space for 60 boys. Together with about 60 day girls, they make up Founders House at the College.

The House system is now well established and the key to the success of the system is participation. The pupils who lead as Head of the House and the Head of the Boarding House set the tone with regards to participation in all interhouse activities.
Founders House has four resident staff members and a number of Gr 12 boarding mentors who assist with the following of the daily routine. We try to create a supportive and tolerant environment and as a result of this a positive and happy atmosphere exists.
College Boarding House is a vibrant, happy place filled with about 70 girls from Gr 8 to Matric. We operate on a system of basic respect for each other and there is a deep sense of family and caring amongst the boarders. Four full-time and two part-time live-in staff members take responsibility for the daily running of the House, but they are ably assisted by a group of Matric mentors in this regard. One of the school nurses lives in College House, and runs the boarders’ sick-bay which is housed here.
At College House we strive to create a disciplined, yet comfortable, home away from home.
Bishop Boarding House is unique in the sense that we have boys and girls under one roof. It swarms with diverse characters, adding a different flavour to our school.

Bishop Boarding House is also an ideal opportunity for siblings to stay in one boarding home. It provides an experience and life skills not many other institutions can provide.
Bishop Boarding House has space for 30 girls and 30 boys, thus making it small enough to be effectively cared for by the five resident staff members, one of whom is a school nurse. Bishop House thrives on the fact that it moulds young individuals who contribute to our charismatic community.

Bishop Boys’ Boarding House is brand new boarding house resulting from the renovation of the Uplands Institute and its inclusion into the college grounds. It is small, with a maximum of 24 boys cared for by three full-time staff members, and is situated on the edge of the Uplands Dam, within 5 minutes walk of the main school. It is a boys’ paradise, with daily opportunities to canoe, fish and swim in the dam, in a lovely, natural setting.

Download Document:
Boarding Matters.pdf

Uplands College offers a wide range of sporting, extramural and cultural activities as part of the Afternoon Programme and strives to achieve excellence in all endeavours.

The College is committed to academic, sporting and cultural excellence, as well as the recognition and development of the unique potential of every pupil.    

Pupils are expected to participate in activities on four afternoons per week. These activities generally take place until 16h30. All pupils are required to be present at the College until this time.

Although Uplands provides a comprehensive Afternoon Programme, we recognise that it may not include a particular activity which a pupil would like to pursue. In such instances the activity may be followed off campus, but request to this effect must be made to the Headmaster. Please note, however, that school fixtures and team sport take precedence over outside sporting or cultural activities.    

The Afternoon Programme also offers senior Art pupils a further opportunity to work on their practical art assignments. These are informal sessions working to music and conversation.

The nature of assignments requires research for which referencing sources are critical. Pupils have art books, magazines and books on technique available to them.

College Magazine

The Uplander, the College’s magazine, is issued annually on the last day of the fourth term. Each pupil receives a copy free of charge.This full-colour publication showcases the many and varied activities which take place in the school year. The Uplander Committee makes a concerted effort to include every one of the College pupils in its visual representation of life at school.
This in-house production is created on campus, with only the printing done by an outside company. Pupils on The Uplander Committee assist in taking formal and informal photos, Photoshop™ collages and borders, create advertisements, do artistic lay-outs, type and proofread copy. Pupils who work on the magazine are equipped with real, marketable skills.

Great strides have been made with the development of the physical infrastructure over the past eighteen years to support a school of this size. 

Facilities offer pupils additional bathrooms, two new classrooms, a new science lab and a lovely new drama block opening into an intimate outdoor auditorium. The completion of the new science lab will now enable the chapel to be devoted to its original purpose of worship and quiet reflection.

Upmed is our new world-class medical facility

The renovation of the kitchen, laundry and dining area has recently been completed.

Goss Boarding House was opened in January 2016

The Squash Courts were officially opened at this year's Uplands Festival.

The College Gym
The existing cricket pavilion has undergone a transformation that will broaden its scope and functionality. The new pavilion provides access to an additional teaching space, an after-school day scholar waiting area (space for students to relax and work in as they wait to travel home), a function / meeting area and a cricket pavilion.

Inside this issue:
  • A green entrepreneur at a green age
  • Arbor month is
  • Tree—mendous
  • Uplands students play pivotal role at World Youth Rhino Summit
  • Leigh’s experience at the Rhino summit
  • Renewable energy Myths busted
  • “What a crazy mixed up world we live in”-Les Carlilse
  • Blue plaque and more Rhino campaigning

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Uplands has heard what the world is saying about future leadership and it is “ … Leaders are people who know what to do when others don't, who can find the answer in others and who create followers.”  For this reason we have created a 5 year approach to creating a leader in every one of our students.   

Said about our Leadership Programme… “The most progressive school leadership programme I have ever seen”

Our  Mission

To expose the students at Uplands College to as much about the nature of leadership by as many mediums possible in order for them to take what they can from it and use it to their leadership potential.  If we give the students the exposure to leadership ideas and ideals they are at least equipped to choose to use them.  

Under the directorship of Sharon van Reenen the Uplands Student Leadership Programme
  • Is associated with a culture of leadership
  • taps the leadership potential in our students
  • allows our students to reach their full potential
  • allows our students to be effective in leadership roles in society.
  • Keeps the culture of this school that ‘it is cool to do well’
  • develops the leader every person can become if that person is not born with the gift
  • arms the children with skills to use if the situation requires them to lead
  • arms them with skills no others have so that they automatically become the leader in a situation
  • packages a valuable set of ideas not a set of valuable ideas.  
  • creates and overall affinity for leadership
  • ideals and ethos of our chosen leadership focus is consistent throughout the school and its community
  • flags our alumni as examples of successful leadership
The Programme Purpose and Goals
The purpose of this model programme is to develop the knowledge, skills, and understanding students need to become effective leaders within a global culturally, socially and economically diverse communities. Our goals are to
  1. Increase participants’ awareness of themselves and how they relate to others;
  2. Increase participants’ understanding of the concept of leadership and how the concept is culturally-based;
  3. Increase participants’ understanding of and appreciation for cultural, social and economic diversity;
  4. Assist participants in developing specific skills needed for effective leadership
  5. Provide participants with a process for examining pertinent issues facing their communities and the world and knowledge of those issues;
  6. Provide opportunities for participants to apply the knowledge, skills, and understandings through meaningful services to their school and immediate community.
The Ten Commitments of Uplands Leadership (Kouzes and Posner (1995)) are:
  1. Search out challenging opportunities to change, grow, innovate, and improve.
  2. Experiment, take risks, and learn from the accompanying mistakes.
  3. Envision an uplifting and enabling future.
  4. Enlist others in a common vision by appealing to their values, interests, hopes and dreams.
  5. Foster collaboration by promoting cooperative goals and building trusts.
  6. Strengthen people by giving power away, providing choice, developing competence, assigning critical tasks, and offering visible support.
  7. Set the example by behaving in ways that are consistent with shared values.
  8. Achieve small wins that promote consistent progress and build commitment.
  9. Recognise individual contributions to the success of every project.
  10. Celebrate team accomplishments regularly.

The Programme Values
The programme are based on the Uplands values and a philosophy which reflects those values. These values are: Respect; Acceptance; Friendship; Honesty and Pride.  The programme promotes growth and learning, collaboration, inclusivity, diversity, openness, creativity, flexibility, innovation, and harmony in the context of our 5 values.

Head mentors 2016 Video - Click here

School Mentors

Back: Anthony Nepgen, Jared Adams, Tyran de Vos, Darren Jackson
Middle: Robyn Glanville, Sihle Moya, Tapiwa Tarwa (Head Boy), Andreas Khun (Dept Head Boy), Murray James
Front: Luyandza Dlamini, Stephanie Watson, Cindy Armstrong (Head Girl), Abbey Gibbons(Dept Head Girl), Khanyisa Ceko, 

Boarding Heads:

Bishop – Lulu Dlamini
College – Stephanie Watson
Founders – Andreas (Dietsie) Kuhn
Goss – Hilton Thomson

House Captains:

Kieran Coetzee
Jodie Ayres

Jared Adams
Lauren Ogg

Tyran de Vos
Robyn Glanville

Bafana Nyanda
Tayla Nunes


L-R: Delsya Urmsan, Miss Cerisier, Giovana Zeppe, Tamryn Hawley, Tapiwa Tarwa, Lauren Mason, Cindy Armstrong, Tshiamo Phaahla, Abbey Gibbons, Landau van Rooyen, Murray James, Aden Haussmann, Henu Badenhorst, Lorenzo Carvalho, Kira Karantonis, Mishca Jacobs.

Absent from photo: Eben Snyman

Grade 9
Mishca Jacobs
Kira Karantonis
Eben Snyman
Aden Haussmann 

Grade 10
Giovana Zeppe
Delsya Urmson
Landau van Rooyen
Henu Badenhorst

Grade 11
Tamryn Hawley
Lauren Mason
Tshiamo Phaahla
Lorenzo Carvalho

Grade 12
Cindy Armstrong
Abbey Gibbons
Murray James
Tapiwa Tarwa

Legal Disclaimer: The information in this email is confidential and may be legally privileged. It is intended solely for the addressee. Access to this email by anyone else is unauthorised. If you are not the intended recipient, any disclosure, copying, distribution or any action taken or omitted to be taken in reliance on it, is prohibited and may be unlawful. The views and opinions expressed in this email message may not necessarily be those of the management or Board members of Uplands. Uplands College or Uplands Preparatory cannot assure that the integrity of this communication has been maintained, nor that it is free of error, virus, interception or interference, and is not liable for any loss or damage arising in any way from this message or its attachments.
  World Youth Rhino Declaration:

Uplands is proud to announce that Emma van der Meulen will accompany the Rhino Declaration to Vietnam!

Uplands pupil, Emma van der Meulen, has been selected to represent Project Rhino KZN and South Africa as a Youth Rhino Ambassador at the Operation Game Change culmination week in Vietnam in October this year.

Emma will be joining a carefully selected handful of South African Youths to present the World Youth Rhino Declaration to government leaders of Asian countries that are driving the illegal poaching of rhino and other endangered species, as well as visiting schools in Hanoi to interact with Vietnamese youth and spread a youth-orientated rhino conservation message. 

Uplands Eco-School

Uplands was awarded an Eco-Schools
Platinum Award in 2012 and it has
maintained its International Eco-School
Flag Status since then.

Rhino Ambassadors - Hard at work to deliver on a promise to save our grey giants

After the World Youth Rhino Summit in September of 2014, the 12 Uplands College delegates – feeling empowered and excited about the prospect of 2015, met to discuss what they might do to improve, and bring awareness to, the plight of the Rhino. It was decided that the best way to get the information “out there” is to educate the children who live in close proximity to our Kruger National Park. The SMILE initiative, where a group of dedicated student-teachers give English lessons to Grade 4 learners from Maqamela Primary School on our Uplands campus, is the place to start. It is with this group of children that we have initiated our rhino lessons. Chris Daniel, the author of “Bongi’s Quest” – a tale about a young rhino who sets off on a journey to discover what happened to the horn that was taken from his uncle - has partnered with us in our own quest. The delegates purchased 100 copies of this book in Siswati and with an English translation, to give to the SMILE children and use as a base for the learning to take place. 

To visit the Uplands Rhino Project Facebook page: Click here
To watch the Uplands Shout Out: Click here

Calendar Garden

The Uplands Calendar Garden was planted in March 2013 adjacent to the Grade 4S classroom.  The Calendar Garden project is a ‘hands-on’ plant phenology study to help South African scientists understand and confirm predictions of how plant responses may be tracking climatic change. Each Calendar Garden is simply a set of 5 indigenous plants suited to hot and dry conditions of the South African Lowveld.  The plants are not watered or fertilized.  The garden area is being kept neat and it is being weeded.  The area of the garden was chosen as it is exposed to full sun for most of the day and it is also unprotected by shade of large trees.

Click here for more on the Calendar Garden


Uplands has signed up for the ENO Treelympics 2014. ‘Citius! Plus!  Fortius!’ or Faster! More! Stronger! is the motto of this worthwhile campaign. We have all heard of the Olympics and probably dearly loved to have taken part at some time or other. Here is an opportunity to get involved with the Olympic Games in something different - ‘Tree Planting’. Environment Online (ENO) is a global virtual school and network for sustainable development.  ENO made a strong commitment in Rio + Summit to plant 100 million trees by 2017. The ENO program calls children, the youth, schools and cities of the world to join up and pledge that they will plant trees. Sue Kloeck writes “I personally, see the concept as working like this. You choose to plant a tree in your own garden or farm and then you send me an email to tell me about it and I can keep a record of how many trees our Uplands community is going to plant and has planted in spring. ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) If you would like to plant one at Uplands, then contact me for a choice of suitable indigenous trees. These trees will be planted in September, Arbor Month.  (Usually we wait for the first rains before planting as the digging of huge holes is easier then).  If you would like to be part of the proposed project to establish a mini fruit grove on the far side of the Grade 000 classrooms, then also get hold of me. I think that this idea will provide our children with the valuable experience of planting, growing and caring for something as well as seeing the ‘fruitful’ results in the  years to come. UPLANDS  is currently listed 40th in the List of Top 100 Schools for the trees reported in 2014. Treelympics website:Click here


It is so rewarding to drop off electronic waste at a depot where one knows that it will be recycled and what can't be recycled will be disposed of correctly.

For smaller ewaste

  • Makro has a Desco recycling facility in the car park.
  • Incredible Connections at Riverside Mall will also take Ewaste.
  • Both of these facilities can take Ewaste up to the size of a vacuum cleaner.

If you have something bigger that you would like to dispose of, there are two options.

  • Firstly wait for the Uplands EWaste collections.There will be a collection at the Uplands Festival when there will be a trailer available at the campus entrance to dispose of electronic waste. The second collection will happen in the fourth term.
  • Alternatively you can call Marius Kotse on 082 85 85 800 to come and collect the bigger items for you. ( old washing machines, fridges, air conditioning units etc)

Ewaste is a huge Environmental and Health problem -

Electronic waste is a growing problem. Every year, more than 50,000 tons of electronic goods are thrown away in South Africa as our lives increasingly revolve around computers and electronic devices. Simply defined, e-waste is the waste created by outdated, useless, and inoperable computer, electronic and electrical equipment such as CPU's, hardware, monitors, printers, products used for data processing, telecommunications or entertainment, etc. E-waste takes up space in municipal landfills and contains toxins which leach into soil and water systems.The facts are real and the statistics are staggering! E-waste contains more than 1,000 different substances, including lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, selenium, hexavalent chromium, and flame retardants that create dioxin-like emissions when burned. About 70 percent of the heavy metals (mercury and cadmium) in landfills come from electronic waste. Consumer electronics make up 40 percent of the lead in landfills. These toxic heavy metals can cause brain damage, allergic reactions and cancer.

Going Green

Every year indigenous trees are planted to ‘green’ the school campus. There are extensive indigenous, drought-resistant, bird-attracting gardens on the campus.


Well-known birder, Duncan Butchart has spent many hours recording a comprehensive list of Birds found on the Uplands Campus.

If you would like to get involved in this wonderful initiative then visit the website for instructions.
Click here for the website


Uplands Eco-Facebook page, click here

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