Afternoon Programme


Uplands College offers a wide range of sporting, extramural and cultural activities as part of the Afternoon Programme and strives to achieve excellence in all endeavours.

The College is committed to academic, sporting and cultural excellence, as well as the recognition and development of the unique potential of every pupil.    

Pupils are expected to participate in activities on four afternoons per week. These activities generally take place until 16h30. All pupils are required to be present at the College until this time.

Although Uplands provides a comprehensive Afternoon Programme, we recognise that it may not include a particular activity which a pupil would like to pursue. In such instances the activity may be followed off campus, but request to this effect must be made to the Headmaster. Please note, however, that school fixtures and team sport take precedence over outside sporting or cultural activities.    

The Afternoon Programme also offers senior Art pupils a further opportunity to work on their practical art assignments. These are informal sessions working to music and conversation.

The nature of assignments requires research for which referencing sources are critical. Pupils have art books, magazines and books on technique available to them.

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