College Badge and Hymn

School Badge

2014 was something of a historic year for Uplands. As a result of the amalgamation process, we have a new joint badge for both the Prep and College.

The move towards one brand, one school crest, colours and fonts were considered during the Brand New process.

After engaging with the Uplands community with the Brand New survey, we had a good foundation to work with. Every forward-thinking brand regularly needs to evaluate its brand positioning. To be successful it had to be freshened not changed, with the essence remaining intact.

The Preparatory is the heart of our school; this is where Uplands all started and gradually grew into the College.

The cross is placed in the centre of the “Y”. The “Y” denotes the ethos of both schools and the central cross the role the Church has played in the development of this ethos. The branching denotes both schools flowing from the central theme

The design denotes the wholeness of the education which the school gives. It also refers to the integrated nature of the Prep and College. The yellow symbolises new hope, which the College represents.

College Hymn
The first College “choir”, consisting of all 93 College pupils, sang the College hymn at the official opening of the College in February 1998!

The following year Uplands Prep School taught the song to their pupils and also adopted it as their official hymn.
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