Finance and Administration

The vision of Uplands College is to be a leading South African Independent Co-Educational School.

One of its goals to help achieve this vision is to maximise its financial strength by maintaining economic viability and utilising assets wisely through prudent financial planning. 

Uplands College charges fees to recover costs associated with providing educational opportunities to pupils and generate sufficient surpluses to fund future developments. Timely payment of these fees is a condition of parents enrolling their children at the College.

Fee increases will occur on a regular (usually annual) basis. Uplands College, however, undertakes that all increases are communicated to families at least 30 days prior to the increase becoming effective. We offer a range of fee options and payment methods to assist families with budgeting and flexibility in meeting fee commitments. 

Additionally, the fees include text books and daily tea and lunch for all pupils.

See our "Fees Booklet" for detailed information on our fees. 
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