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Uplands has heard what the world is saying about future leadership and it is “ … Leaders are people who know what to do when others don't, who can find the answer in others and who create followers.”  For this reason we have created a 5 year approach to creating a leader in every one of our students.   

Said about our Leadership Programme… “The most progressive school leadership programme I have ever seen”

Our  Mission

To expose the students at Uplands College to as much about the nature of leadership by as many mediums possible in order for them to take what they can from it and use it to their leadership potential.  If we give the students the exposure to leadership ideas and ideals they are at least equipped to choose to use them.  

Under the directorship of Sharon van Reenen the Uplands Student Leadership Programme
  • Is associated with a culture of leadership
  • taps the leadership potential in our students
  • allows our students to reach their full potential
  • allows our students to be effective in leadership roles in society.
  • Keeps the culture of this school that ‘it is cool to do well’
  • develops the leader every person can become if that person is not born with the gift
  • arms the children with skills to use if the situation requires them to lead
  • arms them with skills no others have so that they automatically become the leader in a situation
  • packages a valuable set of ideas not a set of valuable ideas.  
  • creates and overall affinity for leadership
  • ideals and ethos of our chosen leadership focus is consistent throughout the school and its community
  • flags our alumni as examples of successful leadership
The Programme Purpose and Goals
The purpose of this model programme is to develop the knowledge, skills, and understanding students need to become effective leaders within a global culturally, socially and economically diverse communities. Our goals are to
  1. Increase participants’ awareness of themselves and how they relate to others;
  2. Increase participants’ understanding of the concept of leadership and how the concept is culturally-based;
  3. Increase participants’ understanding of and appreciation for cultural, social and economic diversity;
  4. Assist participants in developing specific skills needed for effective leadership
  5. Provide participants with a process for examining pertinent issues facing their communities and the world and knowledge of those issues;
  6. Provide opportunities for participants to apply the knowledge, skills, and understandings through meaningful services to their school and immediate community.
The Ten Commitments of Uplands Leadership (Kouzes and Posner (1995)) are:
  1. Search out challenging opportunities to change, grow, innovate, and improve.
  2. Experiment, take risks, and learn from the accompanying mistakes.
  3. Envision an uplifting and enabling future.
  4. Enlist others in a common vision by appealing to their values, interests, hopes and dreams.
  5. Foster collaboration by promoting cooperative goals and building trusts.
  6. Strengthen people by giving power away, providing choice, developing competence, assigning critical tasks, and offering visible support.
  7. Set the example by behaving in ways that are consistent with shared values.
  8. Achieve small wins that promote consistent progress and build commitment.
  9. Recognise individual contributions to the success of every project.
  10. Celebrate team accomplishments regularly.

The Programme Values
The programme are based on the Uplands values and a philosophy which reflects those values. These values are: Respect; Acceptance; Friendship; Honesty and Pride.  The programme promotes growth and learning, collaboration, inclusivity, diversity, openness, creativity, flexibility, innovation, and harmony in the context of our 5 values.

Head mentors 2016 Video - Click here

School Mentors

Back: Anthony Nepgen, Jared Adams, Tyran de Vos, Darren Jackson
Middle: Robyn Glanville, Sihle Moya, Tapiwa Tarwa (Head Boy), Andreas Khun (Dept Head Boy), Murray James
Front: Luyandza Dlamini, Stephanie Watson, Cindy Armstrong (Head Girl), Abbey Gibbons(Dept Head Girl), Khanyisa Ceko, 

Boarding Heads:

Bishop – Lulu Dlamini
College – Stephanie Watson
Founders – Andreas (Dietsie) Kuhn
Goss – Hilton Thomson

House Captains:

Kieran Coetzee
Jodie Ayres

Jared Adams
Lauren Ogg

Tyran de Vos
Robyn Glanville

Bafana Nyanda
Tayla Nunes


L-R: Delsya Urmsan, Miss Cerisier, Giovana Zeppe, Tamryn Hawley, Tapiwa Tarwa, Lauren Mason, Cindy Armstrong, Tshiamo Phaahla, Abbey Gibbons, Landau van Rooyen, Murray James, Aden Haussmann, Henu Badenhorst, Lorenzo Carvalho, Kira Karantonis, Mishca Jacobs.

Absent from photo: Eben Snyman

Grade 9
Mishca Jacobs
Kira Karantonis
Eben Snyman
Aden Haussmann 

Grade 10
Giovana Zeppe
Delsya Urmson
Landau van Rooyen
Henu Badenhorst

Grade 11
Tamryn Hawley
Lauren Mason
Tshiamo Phaahla
Lorenzo Carvalho

Grade 12
Cindy Armstrong
Abbey Gibbons
Murray James
Tapiwa Tarwa

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