Vision and Mission Statement


Uplands seeks to nurture young people to become self-confident, happy and successful in a changing world. They will be creative, critical thinkers who embrace change and develop lasting, healthy relationships. 

Mission Statement
The school employs quality staff who provide a dynamic, caring, values-based education through meaningful interaction.  Parental support and excellent facilities are cornerstones of our success as we grow a world-class, forward- thinking school. 

Uplands College Honour Code
  • To behave responsibly at all times
  • To be considerate and respectful to others
  • To ensure that my appearance is constantly neat and tidy
  • To display good manners and always be courteous
  • To extend the hand of friendship and support to fellow pupils, teachers, parents and those I meet
  • To be diligent in my studies and committed to the mission and well-being of my college
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